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Don’t drone me bro T shirt – Eye
Don’t drAmerican Motors logo T shirt

One day of American Motors logo T shirt is too small to acknowledge our presence in the world, our efforts to make it a better place. We are working 365 days ,we are contributing 365 days and we are not miracle of God or superpower. We fall, we rise , we smile we cry, we are human so we make mistakes as well. Don’t believed in the BS made to make you believe you are special, goddess , divine, or superhuman, these are made-up to make you get the expectations which will never be fulfilled and make you gloom in darkness created by own clouds of hyper expectation. I have huge respect for early advocates of feminist movement, they have created an environment we can breath and feel our voice matters.

American Motors logo T shirt(American Motors logo T shirt)

one me bro T shirt – Eye


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