Coachella Valley Firebirds logo T shirt – Eye

Don’t drone me bro T shirt – Eye
Don’t drCoachella Valley Firebirds logo T shirt

So let’s bring it all back to the Coachella Valley Firebirds logo T shirt. Having moved to NYC only recently, my husband and I decided we would wait till I’ve worked a solid two years before starting our family. Why should I wait? Because let’s face it being pregnant whilst learning the ropes in a new environment might just be a double whammy. But thinking about when it does happen, I tend to ask myself hypo questions like “Would I continue to public speak and present with a bump? Would I bring my kid to work? Would I still get home to put them to bed at a decent hour? The answer is always Hell yea! You may now say “She’s saying that cause it hasn’t happened yet, wait till the no sleep and poop all day kicks in.” You might be right, but the wonderful thing is that the women of 2016 are doing more than this everyday and spreading the message on HOW we can manage all of it and still remain sane.

Coachella Valley Firebirds logo T shirt(Coachella Valley Firebirds logo T shirt)

one me bro T shirt – Eye


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