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Don’t drDream Cloud logo T shirt

When I started trading I spent a lot of Dream Cloud logo T shirt watching Linda Raschke (in her chatroom where she trades live), who is a genuine master of short term trading. If I ever get to be half as good as her, I’d be very happy. One thing I have observed, women are less likely to make the catastrophic early mistakes that mostly financially successful men make. Refusing to exit losing trades, becoming enamoured with a possible view of the future, and ignoring evidence to the contrary. Doubling down on losing trades, refusing to honour stops, wanting to catch exact tops and bottoms (desire to be right). Women can and do all of these things just like men, they just seem to me a little less egotistical in general and thus less likely to play the beginner who thinks s/he is an expert.

Dream Cloud logo T shirt(Dream Cloud logo T shirt)

one me bro T shirt – Eye


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